What Are Prayer Packs?

Prayer Packs are topical prayer guides for our iPhone Bible app that work like flash cards. Prayer Packs are filled with seeds, each of which contain a short phrase and Bible verse to focus on and pray back to God. Prayer Pack themes include topics such as justice, relationships, or worship. As you flip through a Prayer Pack you are encouraged to expand your love language with God and pray with purpose, with the hope that the seeds of prayer would be planted and take root in your heart, and that they may bloom into a healthy prayer culture in your own life.

Why Should I Use Prayer Packs?

Let’s be honest: prayer can be hard. Your mind is tempted to wander, your eyes are tempted to sleep, and you can often feel short on words. The frustration of not knowing what to say to God in prayer is one of the most common reasons why Christians don’t pray very often, despite our desire to do otherwise. But like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. And well watered seeds bloom into beautiful things.

You should use Prayer Packs to develop your own personal love language with God. By using Bible Bloom Prayer Packs as a prayer guide, you will develop a vocabulary for prayer that will enable you to worship God and pray with purpose like never before. Whether you are an intercessor or a new Christian, praying in the street or in the chapel, Bible Bloom is always there to help you focus and allow the Holy Spirit to finish its work in your prayer time.

What Are Church Packs?

Church Packs are Prayer Packs that are specifically written for a church body. Here at Bible Bloom we strongly believe in the importance of community and a praying church. There is tremendous power in a church that joins together and prays as one in the name of Jesus. Our custom Church Packs help pastors lead their church in prayer by equipping the church body with a common prayer track. Everyone is encouraged to participate in Church Packs, even if they don’t attend that church.