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This is the app for everyone who is totally wrecked by the love of God. It’s for the Jesus freaks, the prayer warriors, the worshippers, and the servants. It’s for everyone who finds the love of God irresistible and for anyone who dares to discover how strong that love really is.


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The Bible Bloom Daily Challenge

Posted on Feb 12 by

The Bible Bloom Daily Challenge is a journey that will stretch and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. The concept is very simple but the impact is profound: each day we'll issue a new challenge to experience Jesus. You can try it, skip it, or share it. Some challenges will be easy and others will stretch you. But every challenge will grow your faith, glorify Jesus, and advance the kingdom of heaven.


Prayer Pack Refresh

Posted on Jan 8 by

When you buy a Prayer Pack, you own it for life! Learn how to update your Prayer Packs to make sure you're always plugged in to the body of Christ. The love of God never goes stale, nor should your prayer and devotion. So update away!


New Partnership Reveals How to Pray for the Church

Posted on Oct 27 by

Pastors looking for new ways to engage their congregation in prayer might want to see what Caleb Anderson and Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc, WI are up to. Caleb and Cornerstone have teamed up with Bible Bloom to create the first ever Church Pack – an innovative strategy to lead the body of Christ in united, local, and Biblically rooted prayer.


Prayer at Work

Posted on Oct 12 by

Christian business professionals and entrepreneurs all want to learn the same thing: how to engage in prayer at work. According to Google, praying at work is a topic that is...


You Want Me to Pay For What?

Posted on Sep 10 by

There are hundreds of free iPhone Bible apps on the market. We’re not one of them. At Bible Bloom, everything we do is intentional – including charging $1.99 for our...