Bible Bloom is an exciting new iPhone prayer and devotion app that is unlike anything else out there. It’s beautiful, it’s impactful, and it will help you grow your faith. But don’t take our word for it. See what other people have to say about Bible Bloom. Whether it is on iTunes, Facebook, or the web, you’re bound to find somebody talking about Bible Bloom!

Rachel Wojnarowski (link)

This Bible app is a fabulous growing tool for any Christian…When I previewed the app, the first two things I noticed were that it is such a beautiful app with graphics that are so pleasing to the eyes and secondly, that this app is so versatile that it could be used for any age…I really believe this daily challenge is a great little tool to help you grow in your faith in God each day.

Shrinking the Camel (link)

The nice thing about Bible Bloom is its portability. The entire bible is there at your fingertips, for a quick read at any moment – in between meetings, a breather between phone calls, or while making a necessary pit stop in the you-know-where (that same private place where I am observing more and more business being conducted in loud, echoing voices. I am not sure what to do with that). Or, you can pull up a handy prayer packet (a set of purposeful prayers that work like digital flash cards), take a deep breath and read a brief interlude to refocus your tender spirit while in the midst of the corporate mosh-pit.

Church Mag (link)

“I found Bible Bloom to be a beautiful looking experience. It’s very fluid and easy to use. I found myself drawn in to it. It sounds a little weird as I see what I’ve written, but that’s really what I felt. Bible Bloom is the best looking Bible reading app I’ve seen.”

Faith Engineer (link)

“Bible Bloom has a few things that I really like and it shows potential as a good Bible and devotional app…the app is really well-designed.”

 Mobile Ministry Magazine (link)

“Prayer Packs are like these little pocket devotionals that sit inside the app. Really neat idea here…”