We are dedicated to helping people pursue, achieve and maintain a healthier relationship with God through the Bible. Our iPhone Bible app features a compelling mobile experience that encourages people to become mindful of small actions they can take every day to engage with scripture in meaningful ways.

Our desire is to see the seeds of scripture bloom in each user’s life, that they may vividly experience and demonstrate the presence of God at all times.

We accomplish our mission by pursuing four key actions, all of which we believe support a healthy and fruitful relationship with God. Our Bible app for the iPhone is built with these key actions in mind.

1. Connect

We connect people to the Bible by making the word of God easily accessible on the iPhone. However, access is not enough. And we are not the first people to put the Bible on the iPhone. Instead, we seek to create a beautiful and compelling reading experience which results in a comfortable connection to God’s word.

2. Activate

We believe that prayer activates the power of God in unique ways. Once you are connected to scripture, it is important to nurture your faith by praying the scriptures to God and developing your own love language with Him. Using Bible Bloom Prayer Packs, we help people pray the scriptures and activate the power of God in their own lives.

3. Grow

Our desire is for you to grow and mature in your faith, advancing in wisdom and revelation of who God is. Bible Bloom utilizes Daily Challenges and Reminders to encourage people to engage with scripture and take small steps every day to grow their faith.

4. Bear Fruit

The ultimate goal of Bible Bloom is that you would know and love God more. By connecting you to scripture, activating the word of God in your life through prayer, and setting a framework for growth, we believe that you will bear fruit by falling more in love with God and letting that light shine bright among your friends, family, and colleagues.