What is it?

The Bible Bloom Daily Challenge is a journey that will stretch and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. The concept is very simple but the impact is profound: each day we’ll issue a new challenge to experience Jesus. You can try it, skip it, or share it. Some challenges will be easy and others will stretch you. But every challenge will grow your faith, glorify Jesus, and advance the kingdom of heaven.


What kind of challenges are there?

Together we will ask for a greater revelation of Jesus, pray against injustices like human trafficking and abortion, bless Israel, and activate our faith through evangelism. There are 365 inspiring, thought provoking, and fun challenges to stretch your faith.


Why should I do it?

With mounting conviction we’ve seen that God is calling people all over the world to grow and activate their faith. He’s asking, “How would your life be different if you did one small thing every day to experience more of me?” Just think about that for a minute. Consider what it would mean for your life, your faith, and the lives of people around you if you boldly advanced your faith each day. That would be huge!

What is even more exciting is that Christians all over the world will take the same challenge at the same time. Now imagine the revelation of Jesus that will enter your life through a daily challenge multiplied by tens of thousands of Christians all over the world!


How much does it cost?

The Bible Bloom Daily Challenge is FREE with your copy of the Bible Bloom prayer and devotion app. If you already have Bible Bloom but not the Bible Bloom Daily Challenge yet, just update your app in the App Store and you’re ready to go!


How does it work?

Every day we release a new Bible Bloom Daily Challenge. You can choose to try it, skip it, or share it. If you missed older challenges, you can still go ahead and complete them later. Each time you complete a challenge you’ll earn the opportunity to take another one until you’ve done them all.

After you complete a challenge we build you a custom message to share with your friends and family. That message looks a little something like this, and you can post it to Twitter or Facebook.

Your custom message will include a count of challenges you’ve completed and your own custom link to share with friends. It will always be specific to that day’s challenge so every day you can share your faith in a new way! Even better, that link is your own custom link to track how many people you impact by sharing your faith. We track how many challenges you’ve completed and provide your own custom message to share with friends so that you can both enjoy and find motivation in your progress.


Ready to take the Bible Bloom Daily Challenge?

Help us stir the hearts of believers across the globe by inviting your friends and family to take this journey with you. Challenges are more fun when you do them with friends and family! You can take the Bible Bloom Daily Challenge right now by downloading Bible Bloom from the App Store!