Church Packs are prayer guides written for a specific church and city. With Church Packs, church leaders can implement an innovative strategy to engage their congregation and city in prayer. We partner with church leaders to author and distribute custom prayer packs to their church FOR FREE because we believe part of our calling as a company is to equip the kingdom of God with scripture and to inspire them to pray.

Pastors and church leaders: What if you could awaken and inspire your church to pray and develop their own personal love language with God? What would happen in your city?

Distribute With Bible Bloom

Let Bible Bloom be your distribution partner. You focus on leading your church in prayer, and we will focus on making sure they have access to the materials you create. For free.

Reach a New Generation

At Bible Bloom, we believe there is a young generation of prayer warriors just waiting to rise up and persistently seek God. Where some in the church look on the youth as a disinterested party and a lost cause, God sees an army. More often than not people struggle to pray not because they disagree with prayer, but because they don’t know how. They just need someone to lead them and teach them how to pray. Church Packs represent your opportunity to engage and teach a new generation of prayer warriors.

People Lose Handouts, Not iPhones

You could hand out a prayer guide on Sunday for people to take home and follow. But you know what happens to the majority of those printouts? They get left behind, thrown away, or stacked under a pile of papers on the kitchen counter. You know what doesn’t get thrown away, lost, or piled? iPhones. Put your prayer plans on the iPhone and be certain that they aren’t going anywhere but everywhere your congregation goes.

We are currently accepting Church Pack applications. Please use the Contact form to request more information and discover how you can equip your church to pray like never before.