Meet Bible Bloom, a personal assistant for discovering and immersing yourself in the perfect love of God. Bible Bloom gives you the tools you need to immerse yourself in God’s love through prayer, devotion, and scripture. It’s like a spiritual stimulant, awakening your soul to a greater love that offers peace, healing, and hope. Come discover how Christians all over the world are growing their faith with Bible Bloom!

Grow Your Faith

This is more than just an iPhone Bible app. Bible Bloom is built with your spiritual journey in mind. Read, pray, memorize, and activate the scriptures so that you may be strengthened by the perfect and holy word of God. Let the seeds of scripture take root and bloom in your life, let your faith grow, and let God be glorified!

Enjoy Reading the Scriptures

Reading the Bible on your iPhone is more comfortable than ever with Bible Bloom thanks to our beautiful, elegant, and easy to use interface. Flip through the scriptures instead of enduring endless finger scrolling. Focus more on the scriptures and less on trying to make them readable on your device. Read more, read longer, and read happier.

Develop a Love Language With God

Prayer can be difficult and frustrating at times. Your mind can wander and you can quickly run out of words. Bible Bloom’s themed Prayer Packs guide you through prayer time so that you can stay focused, pray with purpose, and activate the word of God in your heart. With Prayer Packs, you’ll develop your own love language with God.

Activate Your Faith

To just read the Bible is not enough. We are called to activate our faith through the scriptures in prayer and fellowship with others. Bible Bloom seeks to bring the word of God to life through daily challenges that activate what you’ve read and encourage you to share the word with others. (Coming Soon!)

Collaborate Your Faith

Develop community with fellow believers and Bible Bloom through social prayer packs and reading plans that help you and your friends get on the same page. Build your own prayer packs and reading plans that coincide with your Bible studies or prayer groups. (Coming Soon!)