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The Bible Bloom devotional app for iPhone launched in the summer of 2012 with a strong desire to help people take small steps every day towards greater experience and demonstration of God’s love in their life. We created this daily devotional app because we wanted to equip people with a simple tool to experience the love of God. In 2013, we continued that mission and were blessed to see it bear fruit as awesome people just like you dove even deeper into the love of God.

The most exciting thing we did in 2013 was launch our mobile daily devotional called the Bible Bloom Daily Challenge. Through the Bible Bloom Daily Challenge we authored and issued a new challenge to experience Jesus every single day. The challenges were simple yet profound; each intentional about growing faith, glorifying Jesus, and advancing the kingdom of heaven.

When we launched this mobile daily devotional, we had no idea what to expect but remained optimistic about what might happen if people from all over the world joined together to ask for a greater revelation of Jesus, pray against injustices like human trafficking and abortion, bless Israel, and activate faith through evangelism. We wondered, could a few small steps taken through a daily devotional app change the world?

Here we stand a year later and I think the question has been answered. Over 1,000 different people took the Daily Challenge, completing in total 7,432 challenges! We watched the love of God multiply exponentially as we received good reports from around the globe. As people stretched their faith, God revealed Himself in new and powerful ways. Faith was strengthened, relationships were healed, and the kingdom of heaven increased in number.

Headed in to the New Year, we continue to see more and more people grow their faith through the Bible Bloom daily devotional app. We are so excited to see what God is doing in the lives of our users as they continue to take the daily challenge offered in our mobile daily devotional. Thank you, friends, for joining us on this adventure, for having the boldness to stretch your faith, and for pressing in to the love of God so ambitiously!