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Christian business professionals and entrepreneurs all want to learn the same thing: how to engage in prayer at work. According to Google, praying at work is a topic that is searched over 35,000 times a month all across the world. Most Christian business professionals have at least some conviction that they should be praying at work, but few really know how. The problem is many of us don’t really understand God’s heart for business and how we should pray for the marketplace. The good news is that when we do learn how, God is ready and willing to transform our lives, careers, and companies.

Here at Bible Bloom, our mission is to equip the kingdom of heaven with scripture while helping Christians develop their own love language with God. A big part of that mission is equipping Christian business professionals with inspiration for prayer at work, ultimately unlocking the power of Christ in the marketplace. To accomplish this, we created a Prayer Pack called Faith at Work for our iPhone Bible app:

Do you want to see the power of God released in your career and workplace? Featuring over 50 short prayers focusing on your career, company, customers, and competitors, the Faith at Work Prayer Pack will help you prayerfully transform your workplace. Develop a healthy habit of praying for your business, gain an understanding of God’s heart for the marketplace, and experience the joy of fruitful prayers at work.

Does God Really Care About Prayer at Work?

Bible Bloom believes that Christian business professionals should pray at work. Do you? Philippians 4:6 says that we should “pray about everything” – certainly a command inclusive of business. But more than that, God has an intense desire for the marketplace. Our friends at the Greater Seas Christian Business blog have some interesting insights on just how much God really cares for business:

The fact that Jesus was a wealthy entrepreneur, who was born at a gas station, and that the authors of the Gospels were all businessmen too, says something about God’s heart for the marketplace. It says that he liked to use professionals to record and share His love. It also says that he cares enough about the marketplace to send His beloved son into it to be an entrepreneur, serve customers, and perform miracles there.

Unless you believe the Bible is full of coincidence, it is hard to ignore some of these observations. The question is, if God really does care about Christian business professionals and entrepreneurs in their pursuits, how do we align ourselves with His heart and unlock that potential?

If you want to engage in prayer at work and tap into God’s heart for the marketplace, but don’t know how, make sure you try the Bible Bloom Faith at Work Prayer Pack. Asking God about how to pray at work is much more effective than trying to figure it out yourself!