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Pastors looking for new ways to engage their congregation in prayer might want to see what Caleb Anderson and Cornerstone Church in Oconomowoc, WI are up to. Caleb and Cornerstone have teamed up with Bible Bloom to create the first ever Church Pack – an innovative strategy to lead the body of Christ in united, local, and Biblically rooted prayer.

“We want to be a people that pray the Bible,” said Anderson. “At the very core of it, prayer is agreement with God. We agree with what He says about our lives, and through prayer we lean in on Him to make it true. The same is true of our churches, communities, relationships, and all facets of our lives. So as we pray the Bible, we grow in confidence in our agreement and confidence in the God that answers.”

Few will disagree that prayer is critically important to the body of Christ. But there is also an overwhelming amount of things to pray for in the local church. As a result, many pastors and church bodies fall short of their goal to effectively pray for their church and community. It was Anderson’s desire to equip his community with a united spirit of prayer that led him to the Bible Bloom iPhone app. It was the app’s Prayer Packs that really stood out.

Bible Bloom’s Prayer Packs are designed to help individuals develop their own love language with God. They represent a beautiful, intuitive, and inspiring tool for prayer time, which can be frustrating as Christians seek to spend more than a few minutes talking with God.

“The problem isn’t that people dislike prayer. The problem is that they don’t know how to pray,” describes Bible Bloom founder, Mike Eaton. “Our goal is to create a resource that gives people scripturally-rooted words to speak when they run out of words to pray so that they could press on in the spirit of God.”

At Cornerstone Church, Anderson and his congregation will be pressing on in the spirit of God with a new spirit of unity. The Cornerstone Church Pack, authored by Anderson, not only teaches the congregation to pray but also ensures that they are all praying for the same thing with the same heart.

“There is a lot of power in a praying church. It can dramatically transform whole communities, no matter how distant they think they are from God.” describes Anderson. “But the important thing is that we don’t become divided. The Bible says, ‘For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.’ Bible Bloom is going to help us be united in prayer and press into God with new purpose and effectiveness.”

Cornerstone’s partnership with Bible Bloom shows a lot of promise. As Eaton and Anderson work together to cultivate an effectively praying church, Anderson has some advice for those that use Cornerstone’s Prayer Pack:

“These are packed sentences, and lend themselves to being prayed in different ways and emphasizing different parts of them. Be led by the Spirit and pray what’s on your heart for each topic. The important part is that we’re agreeing with God and talking with Him about our community.”

If the church does indeed agree with God and talk to Him about its community, Bible Bloom just may accomplish its bold mission of advancing the kingdom of heaven by equipping people to pray. Stay tuned as we follow Cornerstone’s new journey in prayer and be sure to check out Anderson’s Church Pack in the Bible Bloom store.