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There are hundreds of free iPhone Bible apps on the market. We’re not one of them. At Bible Bloom, everything we do is intentional – including charging $1.99 for our iPhone Bible app.

With skeptical eyes and a confused tone, people often ask me why our app costs money when so many other iPhone Bible apps are free. They look at me like I’m crazy and scoff at the idea of shilling out a few bones for something they already got for free. It’s a fair point, really, because there’s never been an iPhone Bible app like this before. The bar has never been set this high.

Bible Bloom isn’t your typical iPhone Bible app. In fact, we’re hardly an app for reading your Bible. That just happens to be something we do well. Rather, Bible Bloom represents the comprehensive experience of growing and nurturing your faith. It is the combination of scripture, prayer, and social engagement that grows and activates your faith. We strive to help you with all those things in our app. We measure success by how much we help people grow in their walk with God, not just how much time our users spend in the Word.

Our users will all tell you that the $1.99 for Bible Bloom is well worth the money. In fact, we’ve asked our users to help compile a list of reasons why they opted for Bible Bloom instead of another free option. Our hope is that you too will see that there’s never been anything like this before, and that there isn’t a better way to spend your spare change than on Bible Bloom.

Here is what our users had to say about buying an iPhone Bible app when so many more are available for free:

Prayer Packs

One of our biggest attractions are Prayer Packs, which contain hundreds of short prayers and supporting verses that you can use to engage with God. Prayer Packs are included with Bible Bloom, and an in-app marketplace connects you to additional themed prayer topics that help you develop a love language with God. Our users often tell us that “Prayer Packs alone are worth the price of admission, which just makes getting the Bible reader an even sweeter deal.”

Alignment With a Vision

Bible Bloom represents an idea. It is about living with purpose and intentionally taking steps to encounter Jesus. Free iPhone Bible apps make for great tools, and we strongly encourage you to use them too, but they don’t represent an idea and a lifestyle of encountering Jesus. Our users mention that aligning with this vision, and other like-minded individuals, helps them stay inspired and disciplined to use Bible Bloom as a resource for nurturing their faith.

Supporting Christian Businesses

Bible Bloom is an innovative Christian-owned and operated business. Do a little digging, and you’ll find that isn’t necessarily the case for all the other Bible apps out there. Our users tell us that they find satisfaction in supporting a Christ-centered business that is helping bring cool, faith-based ideas to the marketplace. We love that our users think like we do, and we are proud to say that a large portion of each $1.99 purchase goes to building even better apps and improving the ones we already have.

Bible Bloom is intentionally a for-profit company, as opposed to the many free iPhone Bible apps, which are non-profit ministries. We don’t rely on donations to build cool stuff, we rely on creating cool stuff that people like you value. We believe that financial gifts are for other needs in the church, and we don’t want to have to ask for donations to build our apps. However, we still love and support those that help make the Bible freely available to millions of people on their phones. That’s just not a path we believe God has called us to follow.

Direct Your Heart With Your Money

Free is nice, but you appreciate things more when you have to earn them. This might sound like a catch phrase dreamed up by marketers and psychologists, but it is actually a concept rooted in Biblical principles. Luke 12:34 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We tithe because it is a sign of thankfulness to God for His provision. But we also do it because as Luke alluded to, the way we spend our money is how we vote for what we value.

Bible Bloom users tell us that actually buying an iPhone Bible app encourages them to use it more. It reminds them that this is something they value and something they should use regularly.

Tell us your story in the comments section about why you choose to use Bible Bloom instead of (or in addition to) a free iPhone Bible app, we’d love to hear more of your stories!