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There are a lot of iPhone Bible apps on the market. You can scroll through hundreds of free, cheap, and even expensive variations of these iPhone Bible apps. But they all look the same. And for the most part, they all work the same – except for one.

There’s one iPhone Bible app that is unlike the rest. It doesn’t work the same and it certainly doesn’t look the same. In fact, it’s hard to even call it an iPhone Bible app. It’s more of a spiritual growth assistant that just happens to bring the Bible to your iPhone. It’s called Bible Bloom, and it is changing how people engage their faith.

What truly makes Bible Bloom different from all the other iPhone Bible apps out there is how we measure the success of our app. We don’t measure success by number of downloads or positive reviews. Instead we measure success by how much we help people grow in their walk with God. We know that we will only be successful as a company if Bible Bloom helps people love and worship Jesus more.

So we’re not praying for millions of app downloads. We’re praying that God would bless our users with the wisdom and revelation of who He is. Only when your life has been blessed and improved by our iPhone Bible app can we say that we have succeeded.

This definition of success is not just a Bible Bloom mantra. It is also how we believe Christians should define success in their own lives. Your success as an individual is not defined by how much money you make or what you accomplish, but by how much you love Jesus. In this paradigm, the more you love Jesus, the more successful you are, regardless of what you do or do not accomplish in the world. In this truth you will find freedom, peace, and eternal reward. So go on, and succeed at loving Jesus.

Hopefully Bible Bloom helps you in that endeavor.