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My name is Mike Eaton and I’m the founder of Bible Bloom, an iPhone Bible app dedicated to helping Christians all over the world grow their faith. My desire is to equip the kingdom of God with scripture while inspiring people to pray and develop their own love language with God.

I started this company because I grew tired of feeling frustrated about not reading the Bible as much as I should. I noticed a disconnect in my own life between how much I wanted to spend time with God and how much time I actually did. When I first added a Bible app to my iPhone, I thought, “Well, this just looks like another way for me to fail.” I felt even more guilty about having the Bible on my phone, which goes everywhere I do, and still not reading it enough. My life was so full of distractions that even though the Bible was always in my pocket, I still didn’t read it like I should.

Our personal hunger for scripture is stirred by Jesus, and we can only love Him because He loved us first. It is by His mercy and grace that we even want to know Him in the first place. My lack of commitment to scripture was a matter of my heart, not the quality of Bible apps on my iPhone. But, as my heart stirred more and more for scripture, I began to see that my iPhone could be used as an asset for growing my faith and not a mechanism of guilt. So I created Bible Bloom.

Ready, Set, Launch

Here I sit, just weeks before Bible Bloom 1.0 goes live on iTunes. And I’m nervous. This isn’t my first company. I’ve been down this road before. But I’m still nervous and I’ve got a fear of launching. Tony LaRussa, one of my favorite leaders living today, once said, “If you aren’t nervous, you probably aren’t prepared.” Tony said even after decades of managing baseball, he still got nervous before every single baseball game. Tony was nervous because he cared about the product he put on the field. I’m nervous because I care about the app that I’m putting in your hands. And I care about your walk with God.

Some entrepreneurs never launch (or ship). They are so anxious that their product will have flaws that they just keep tweaking, never taking that step of faith and just launching. I admit that path is tempting; if you never launch, you are tempted to believe you are avoiding failure. But the reality is by never launching, you’ve already failed. My goal is just to put my best foot forward and trust that God has a desire to work in the hearts of believers all over the world with this product.

Bumps in the Road

The journey along this path hasn’t been all smooth. It has required more time and more money than expected to bring to life a vision for an iPhone Bible app that genuinely helps people grow their faith and not just feel guilty about being bad at it. Our team has faced rejection from Bible translation publishers, skepticism from friends, and criticism for investing in a business whose goal is to see people love God more.

As we all know from life itself, sometimes bumps in the road come from where you least expect them. This is true, too, for startups. I never expected English translations of the Bible to be so expensive and difficult to acquire. Although I understand why they have to behave the way they do, and not all of them are so difficult to work with. As humans, we are tempted to blame God for the bumps in the road. Especially when they come from places we least expect them (like English Bible translators). But as Christians, we are challenged to think differently. We must understand things from God’s perspective. And somewhere in there is a good lesson.

Love God & Just Launch, Baby

Despite my fears, I’m going to launch Bible Bloom, and I know in my heart that millions of people are going to love it. Even better, I know in my spirit that millions of people are going to be encouraged in their faith because of it. But if not a single person uses this iPhone Bible app, I would not be disappointed. With the help of my friends, and the grace of God, I created an app that I use and that helps me in my own walk with God. That alone is priceless.

The lesson here is that we do not worship God because of what happens in this life – in this short internship we have in a place called earth. We worship God because of who He is. Our God is faithful, just, and relentlessly loving. Whether our life is perfect and goes according to plan, or it is painful and full of disappointment, He is still worthy of our praise. That is a hard truth to grasp, but it is one I am reminded of during the launch of Bible Bloom, and it is one that I hope and pray you will discover as you use this exciting new iPhone Bible app.

Finally, I am also reminded that our walk with God is like launching a startup. We are often are afraid to “launch” our faith because we are filled with doubt. “I’m not ready. I’ve still got some things to work out.” We think that we have to be perfect before we approach God, as if He won’t accept us because of our sins. But this isn’t true. God doesn’t need to wait for us to be perfect to accept us. Jesus died for our sins so that we wouldn’t have to be perfect to enter into God’s presence.

Consider this your first ever Bible Bloom Daily Challenge: Just launch. Launch into the presence of God without concern as to what flaws you might be bringing with you. So what if you haven’t been to church in years, or prayed in months, or read the Bible in just as long. Don’t worry about being perfect, because as entrepreneurs are called to just ship and improve later, you too are called to launch into a loving relationship with God, who will work out the details and flaws later. God will receive you with open arms, no matter what condition you are in.

What are you waiting for?