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Every day I feel guilty about not reading the Bible enough. And my iPhone is making it even worse.

Welcome to 2012, where you can pause live TV, tell your car what song to play, and carry almost every translation of the Bible available to man in your pocket. Advancements in technology have injected a tremendous amount of convenience and entertainment into society, begging for our attention, loyalty, and money along the way.

One of the stars of this rapid development of technology is Apple, who has put over 200 million smartphones into the hands of people all over the world since 2007. The iPhone is the darling of smartphones and Apple is the envy of technology giants. It is iTunes, meanwhile, that is pumping those 200 million smartphones full of games, music, books, apps, and more. And like its best-selling counterpart in print, the Bible on the iPhone is a chart topper.

Bible Apps & Angry Birds

Like many Christians entering the wonderful world of expensive mobile devices, the first app I ever downloaded was an iPhone Bible app. I was genuinely excited about having the Bible so accessible and certainly optimistic about how much more I was going to read it. I mean, how could I not read the beloved book all the time now that it was physically so close, so often? I thought all my frustrations about not reading the Bible enough would fade away, as I would be pulling my phone out for a read at every opportunity.

But like many Christians fooled into thinking a Bible iPhone app was the answer to their problems, I didn’t end up reading the Bible more. In fact, I probably started to read it less. Instead of pulling my leather-bound out for a quick read before bed, I was now throwing angry birds at things or checking Twitter. The disconnect in my life was not that I had a low desire to read scripture more, but that there were other things that competed more aggressively for my time and attention.

“I can always read the Bible later, but I’ve got to take that Words With Friends turn before Alex gets impatient with me!”

So here I was, hoping that I would be reading the Bible more. Instead, the wretch that I am, I was playing games and investing in pointless things when I should have been investing in eternity and a relationship with God. Thanks for nothing, Apple.

This frustration that I experienced strongly resonates with almost all Christians. We all deal with the guilt of not reading scripture enough. And even when we do read it, we struggle with how it applies to our daily lives and how it can bloom among our encounters with others. The devil doesn’t want us reading the Bible, because in the Bible we find God. So the devil fills our life with distractions and discouragement that seek to derail our pursuit of Christ. Sometimes those distractions come in the form of game invites, notifications, and email beeps.

The Birth of a New Bible App

Having Bible apps on my iPhone only made me feel guiltier about not reading the Bible enough. Now I had no excuse because the scripture was always right there in my hand. I was feeling worse, not better, and I needed to do something about the disconnect between my desire to read scripture and the amount of time I actually spent doing it. I needed help, and in that frustration Bible Bloom was born.

I created Bible Bloom with the help of my friends because I wanted an iPhone Bible app that would fight for my attention with the same tenacity and intelligence that all the other apps on my phone do. I wanted an iPhone Bible app that encouraged me, stirred up my spirit for a deeper hunger for Christ, and built up my faith instead of always just leaving me to feeling guilty.

God pursues our heats relentlessly. He never lets go and His love never runs out. He is always pulling at our hearts and conscience, petitioning for us to seek, love, and worship Him. It makes sense then, that we should build a Bible app with the same character of encouragement and pursuit. Although God’s beauty and majesty is unmatched, we attempted to make Bible Bloom encouraging, nurturing, and beautiful like our God is encouraging, nurturing, and beautiful.

Furthermore, it’s time we fight back and equip ourselves with a tool that will encourage us to engage with scripture, that it may bloom in our lives in meaningful ways. It’s time that we create a platform for the Bible to grab our attention, and keep it, with the same tenacity that other apps do. If we intently invest in scripture, God will fervently grip our hearts.

Time to Bloom

If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of not reading the Bible enough, are unsatisfied with the Bible apps on your phone now, or just want a new tool that puts your spiritual growth as a first priority, then it is time to bloom. Bible Bloom is dedicated to helping you pursue, achieve and maintain a healthier relationship with God through the Bible. Our desire is to see the seeds of scripture bloom in your life, so that you may vividly experience and demonstrate the presence of God at all times.

Bible Bloom is the most beautiful, user-friendly, and spiritually nurturing Bible app on the market. Come discover how Christians all over the world are growing their faith with Bible Bloom. Come see how the kingdom of God is being equipped with scripture and how God is moving in the hearts of believers every day through the scriptures.